Shoddy wedding photographer gets sued

With the media circus/sensationalism surrounding the story of the unfortunate couple who were let down by a shoddy photographer, I thought I should add my own 2 pence worth.

He has been expelled from the SWPP (of which I am a member) for blatantly breaking our code of conduct (on a number of issues by the sounds of it) – not to mention unacceptable quality photography.

Many excellent photographers are a member of no organisation, and as we have learned, there are also some low-standard, unprofessional photographers who are members of professional associations (all the major bodies suffer from this apparently).

Of course, as regrettable as it is, this sort of thing goes on everyday, in a whole range of businesses and services. Not sure why this received such attention.

The bottom line is – view the photographer’s previous work and sign a contract for mutual protection. They should also have Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance, again for protection of both the clients and the photographer.

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