Nothing new under the sun

Pin this London photographer Charlie Round-Turner image to your Pinterest boardI first saw this photo taken by the late, great Richard Avedon on the excellent blog of Chase Jarvis (awesome photographer) – click the link below to read his blog post. I don’t think I really miss the darkroom much anymore…
So before Photoshop/airbrushing, this is what we had to do, and before that (and still now of course) artists made their clients look good with paint, watercolour or whatever (while others make their own interpretation). Do you reckon all those kings and queens hanging in the National Portrait Gallery really looked exactly like that?!

And while I’m here, ‘the camera never lies’ is a misleading if not false statement. Depending on the lens you use, the angle… and myriad other factors, it can make the subject look very different indeed.

People, spare a thought for your photographer, slaving away in front of the computer screen!
Read Chase Jarvis

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