Qualified – again!

I little while ago I gained a Licentiateship (in weddings) with the SWPP.Pin this London photographer Charlie Round-Turner image to your Pinterest board
Now, I have also gained… drum roll… an Associateship (in portraiture) with the BIPP.

I submitted the photos shown below, hoping to gain a Licentiateship, the first tier qualification.
However, the assessment panel considered the quality so good they skipped me straight to an Associateship!

There are of course many other good images in my portfolio, which just didn’t quite fit alongside the others in this series. Some of you will also recognise shots that were originally in colour.

Thank you to my clients for being wonderful models!

Pin this London photographer Charlie Round-Turner image to your Pinterest board

But what’s the significance of qualifications?

Just because a photographer has no formal qualifications, doesn’t mean they are not an awesome artist and professional. Many (probably most) photographers have not bothered to apply for qualifications with any professional organisation – it is the quality of the images they craft that really matters.

On the other hand, I feel it does signify to my clients that I am committed to Continued Professional Development, and I have been judged to produce images of ‘a high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability’. It also gives me a needed reassurance – all those years of practising, printing in darkrooms (or sitting in front of the computer as it is now), 60-hour work-weeks to run a business, attending training programmes – it HAS made a difference.

Still, it is just one (very rewarding) milestone in a continuing journey (fade in uplifting soundtrack)…

‘As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.’ – Socrates

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