Good things come in threes

I photographed Mike (from the same hometown in NZ as me) and Anita for:

1. their pre-wedding shoot

2. their wedding

3. this quick shoot a couple of weeks ago with little Milo (they needed Christmas cards)

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The weather & light was disagreeable but Milo’s grin kept the mood bright (sorry! excuse the sentimentality! 😉 )

I hadn’t seen them for several months. Three days later, by chance I happened to be in the Bank area of London. I thought to myself, ‘Mike works around here, wouldn’t it be funny if I bumped into him…’ Three minutes later (maybe 2 min, but allow me some poetic license), who should walk around the corner…

I told Mike, ‘You’re never going to believe this…’

‘Well, there’ll be a third time soon…’ he said. Sure enough, end of the same week, we meet with some other friends for a Friday-night drink…(OK, that wasn’t exactly a coincidence – I claim poetic license again)

PS. I remembered Anita took a photo of me at their cousin’s wedding. The day after this autumn shoot, I used that photo as my personal Facebook page profile photo.

I think that is enough coincidences for one week, but this sort of thing happens to me all the time…


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