Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!
OK kids, a challenge for you… YES, THERE WILL BE A PRIZE!
My little stop-motion video is a pretty simple one, I’m sure you can do better…

This just gives you an idea. I’m looking for funny and/or interesting/clever stop-motion videos.
I used my big fancy-looking camera on a tripod, but you can probably do it on a smart-phone, there are even Apps that help.

Prize for the best video: GBP25 in vouchers for Hamley’s Toys (or a bookstore if your parents prefer).

Deadline: Midnight on 11th January 2015

RULES! (sorry)
1. Adult help is allowed, but kids have to be involved (you kids will likely have better ideas anyway).
2. EITHER: Ask your parent/guardian to share your video on Facebook, then follow and share my Facebook page with friends
OR: Follow my YouTube channel, share your video on YouTube, then tweet it mentioning my Twitter handle @charlieRTphoto (and follow me of course). Again, using parent/guardian social media account.

This is less about winning a prize, more about having fun being creative, so get those imaginations going!

Lastly here’s another silly video from Team Charlie…

Contact Charlie! (any one of them, they’re all friendly)

Tel: +44 7814 106 561

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